How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping Prices
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How Much Does Shipping Cost?

It's cheaper to ship goods from China than you might think. The prices depend on the number of items you order, and how much they weigh.

All our shipping fees are calculated automatically according to either the actual KG weight of the goods or the goods' physical dimensions, and in combination with the delivery location.

Most of our products are sold with FREE DELIVERY.

The Air Waybill (formal shipping document) that accompanies your goods may show a KG weight that is lower than the shipping band you paid for. This happens when the item is light but bulky, in which case the shipping band is calculated by dimensions rather than actual weight.

The shipping prices depend on the rates offered by the shipping companies, and are subject to change without notice. However, we are constantly working hard on lowering your shipping costs.

All orders must be fully paid in advance, including shipping. Shipping charges are not refundable, except in cases of incorrect delivery.

If a delivery is confirmed lost, stolen or damaged before receipt, we will work with the courier directly to obtain information and arrange a refund or re-delivery at no further expense to you.