Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods
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How Are My Goods Shipped To Me From China? offers a delivery guarantee here on all items you buy from us. Please see this page:

In most cases, we will ship your goods to you using air express courier. Which courier we use varies according to the destination country, but most for countries we currently use Chinapost, Swisspost, DHL, TNT or UPS.

China EMS is also available for certain countries.

Small orders can also be shipped very cheaply by airmail. This option will appear and be made available automatically during the checkout procedure if your goods are relatively light (under 2KG approximately).

For large bulk orders, we can also arrange to make the goods available at our warehouse for your own freight forwarder to collect, or alternatively we would be happy to offer competitive freight rates for either bulk air shipment or sea freight.

If your purchases are being shipped to you using air express courier, they are dispatched fromour suppliers's warehouse in Shenzhen, located in Southeast China, to the international airport in either Hong Kong or Guangzhou, and then sent on to your nearest major logistics hub. From there the goods are delivered to your door by the courier's local services. Any Customs clearance paperwork and procedures will be handled by the courier company. They may need to contact you in certain situations to confirm details of a shipment. This is why it is important to always provide a useable phone number to us. In any cases where additional paperwork is required for customs clearance, will assist as much as possible.

For further information, please see our main shipping information page: